Broward county Reentry Coalition

We are an alliance of individuals and organizations working together to foster successful reentry for people returning to our communities after a period of incarceration. Our goal is to make Broward County safer by ensuring former offenders are equipped with the resources and support to be successful. Only by bringing together all stakeholders, can we implement best practices to reduce recidivism and afford individuals the opportunity to re-establish themselves as valuable members of our County.

Executive Board

David Scharf

Chairperson, Director, Community Programs Broward Sheriff's Office

Rick Riccardi

Chief Executive Officer,
Fellowship RCO

Cheryl Jackson

Community Programs Supervision Specialist Broward Sheriff's Office

Ronald Davidovic

Legal Chair, Florida Action Comm.

Norman Copeland

Director, Gang Alternative

Dr. Gary McCleod

Senior Pastor, Mt. Sinai Missionary Church